Kids Bop (Anaconda):  My Anna-Momma don’t want none unless I get my homework done! 

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No big deal just Grace and Chester and THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in the same photo. Being a fan of good people who do good things - 10/10 would recommend. (x)


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sarabhattit asked: you're my spirit animal

But I feel so corporeal

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crushedmuffin asked: When can we expect you to be done

With life? idk, 1-65 years from now?

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pizzaflower asked: How do you feel about the geese

shoot em all and let god sort em out

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thisurlisforceliaflores asked: Will there be another HelbigBall??

Do New England ferns often inhabit a shaded stream?

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Anonymous asked: which finger do you favour?


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awanas-dropout asked: I never realized how long u are.


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